Skid Plates BMS for Toyota Tundra 2022-2024

Part Number:BMS065025
Manufacturer: BMS Engineering
Country: Russia
Brand: Toyota Tundra 2022-2024
Material: 5 mm aluminum
Price: 4600 AED

Off-roading is full of surprises, and not all of them are pleasant. A stray rock or snag can damage the engine, transmission or transfer case, ending your trip on a sour note. High-quality engine protection for the Toyota Tundra from BMS Engineering will help you avoid troubles: it is made of 5 mm aluminum or 3 mm steel, and this “armor” is enough for most situations.

The underbody protection for Toyota Tundra is ready to take the hit: purchase this useful item now, install it on your car and travel with pleasure!


Laser cut for accuracy and precision
Manufacture Part Number: BMS065025
Application: Toyota Tundra, VXKA75, VXKA76, 2022-2024 Сrew Max, Double Cab, with engine: 3.4 V35A-FTS, not for hybrid engine
Installation Method: fully bolt-on
Mounting kit: included


Material: aluminum 5 mm
Color: Aluminum