Side Steps BMS PRO-Line for Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2008-2015 (set)

Part Number: BMS060148
Manufacturer: BMS Engineering
Country: Russia
Brand: Toyota Land Cruiser 200
MY: 2008-2015
Weight: 60 kg
Perfomance Part: Yes
Price: 5257 AED

When you go off-road, the frame and body of the vehicle are subjected to increased torsional stresses that are uncharacteristic of asphalt. That’s why it’s important to replace the standard sills with power sills if you plan to travel on more than just asphalt. Power sills for Land Cruiser 200 increase the rigidity of the frame and provide additional protection for the crew from side impact – and, of course, make getting in and out of the cabin more comfortable.

The appearance is also on top: look how well BMS PRO-Line sills look on the car, enhancing the impression of the recognizable and respectable look of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200!

The BMS PRO-Line power sills are made of sheet steel, are mounted directly to the frame and can easily support the weight of two adult passengers. You can use a hi-jack jack, the BMS sills are ready for it.


Laser cut for accuracy and precision
Manufacturer Part Number: BMS060148
Application: Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2008-2015
Installation details: to install BMS steps on Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2012 or after, need to replace standard onlays to onlays for Toyota LC200 before 2012 (SKU 75850-60040 and 75860-60040)
Mount kit: included
Package size: 205х65х35 cm (0,171 m3)
Package Weight: 60 kg


Material: 4 mm steel A 516-55
Color: Black (powder coating finish)