Chase Rack BMSBAR for Toyota Tundra 2022-2023

Part Number:BMS500013
Manufacturer: BMS Engineering
Country: Russia
Brand: Toyota Tundra Crew Max
MY: 2022-2023
Material: Steel
Weight: 40 kg
Price: 6940 AED

The branded BMSBAR roll bar is one of the most popular items in the BMS catalog: people value it for its reliability, compatibility with various body covers and aesthetic appearance. The arch for the 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra makes it possible to carry long loads, increases body rigidity and enhances crew protection. Experienced off-road explorers usually install an LED beam on the arc; this solution helps to follow the route and set up a camp in the dark.

Please note: built-in or removable brackets for additional light are not included in the delivery set of the BMSBAR arc. To install light sources, you can purchase branded BMS Engineering brackets.


Laser cut for accuracy and precision
Possibility of Installation LED Lights
Installation details: fully bolt-on
Manufacturer Part Number: BMS500013
Package size: 114x25x65 cm (0,19 m3)
Package Weight: 40 kg
Mount kit: included


Color: Black (powder coating finish)
Material: D63*1,5 AISI 304; 3 mm A 516-55 steel
Application: Toyota Tundra VXKA70, VXKA71, VXKA72, VXKA75, VXKA76, VXKA77, VXKH70, VXKH71, VXKH75, VXKH76, 2022-2023